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I come offering little watercolor animals like the ones pictured below:


•They will be drawn on a 4.25” x 5.5”piece of watercolor paper (quarter of a letter)

•I can send them to you if you want for $1 if you live withing USA or MEX.
Shipping for Canada and South America is $2 For the rest of the world, we can agree on it depending on where you live.

•You will receive a HQ 300ppi scan of your finished commission.

•I'll be taking 3 slots!

To those who don't feel like reading my emotional farewell speech:

•Leaving cause I don't even check this site anymore.
•I won't take down my gallery, though! It's full of precious memories!

Wel, it's been fun, DeviantArt!
I've been here for around 6 years, and ever since i joined, i've learned so many things and met such wonderful friends and artists!
Actually, i made most of my best internet friends here (Beo, Ame, Din, Puppy, Inuki, Canon, Actias, Daze...And many wonderful people more) even though i don't talk to the mayority of these peeps anymore, haha!

This site also helped me become a better artist. It really did.
Thanks to all the people kind enough to take their time and give critique, even when it was said in a tad rude manner, sometimes. All of the comments i've recieved helped me boost my confidence in my art and get better at it, in general. And not to mention all the wonderful artist i met here.

This site is full of memories, yes.♥
Thank you, everyone who has sticked by me all these years, and also thanks to those new watchers...

The sad truth is that i've simply lost interest in this site. It just doesn't feel the same to me...Besides, with college, i rarely have time to draw things other than doodles, and i'd like to keep my dA gallery full of pretty, finished illustrations.
Yeah, i won't deactivate my account. It would be such a waste, haha!

Thanks for everything, you guys!
I'll miss you, everyone:wave::heart:
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Mijuface :0

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wanderingeccentric Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
Hope you're having a happy birthday over on the tumbeling site~!
folgers-draw Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
Perdon por la tardada respuesta, yo tmb soñé contigo hace días, que chistoso. En fin, aqui ando bien pero bien ocupado por gringolandia, una chinga para buscar trabajo pero aun sigo haciendo la lucha, cuidate tu también.
GaruryKai Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
esperoo estes bieeeeeeeeeeeen

mehmehmehmoh Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012

no se me acorde de ti y me vine a dar un paseo por la unica red social tuya que conosco.... y te mando un saludo y un fuerte abrazo! : )

-el alf (no, yo no salgo en fichas ): )
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